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Who are we?

We are a group of autistic, learning disabled, and neurodivergent (A/LD/ND) people who, together, have built an arts organisation whose sole purpose is bolstering the voices of underepresented groups within playful media and video game art. To do this, we host accessible workshops, support individual artists in creating playful media, and host the Level 3 festival!

The overt aim of Level3 is to increase, promote and enrich the culture of playful media through establishing an accessible environment in which A/LD/ND people can engage and create. Through providing the resources, space and collective moments Level 3 will be a platform in which we can create our own playful media culture with a focus on accessibility and representation.

All of our work is made possible because of funding received from Arts Council England.


Here are some of the games we've supported so far...

PSIONICAVATOR: Before the beginning. click to go to download page. Treasure is Nigh. Click to go to download page.CFT Begins with you. Click to go to download page.


2022's festival was our first IRL event. With a mixture of playable art exhibits, accessible workshops and artist talks there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. Thank you to everyone that came and took part, we hope to see you all in 2023!
A parent and child playing mario kart on the nintendo wii
people taking part in the accessible workshop learning how to use a 3D scanner
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This project is made in partnership with
arts council england